Natural Lice Treatment Oil

All natural.


Just three powerful ingredients: Neem, Coconut, and Tea-tree oils.

Fight super lice with neem oil

Head lice are a great nuisance in every U.S. city, and the problem only seems to be getting worse. Over the years, lice have developed resistances to toxic pediculicides, which are the main ingredients in common OTC lice remedies. In fact, according to a recent study, at least 25 U.S. states have confirmed populations of super lice, which possess gene mutations that allow them to survive even the harshest chemical treatments.
Because natural lice treatment works differently than chemical lice products, Lice-Nil is able to kill any type of lice, regardless of their resistances. From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates both louse and nit, in just one treatment. Lice-Nil is a best chemical free lice treatment and is worry free also.

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How it Works

Trusted by Moms and recommended by Professionals, Lice-Nil is a fast, natural lice treatment


Step One

Lice-Nil is an oil-based treatment, so it spreads evenly through dry hair. Fully coat affected area.


Step Two

Let formula sit on affected area for 20 minutes. The neem extract formula will encapsulate and suffocate both lice and eggs.

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Step Three

Wash hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Use a comb to remove any remaining dead lice or eggs. Now you're chemical-free, lice-free, and worry-free.


"Lice-Nil is super! No more lice for Aiden or his classmates."

Jessica Jones, Mother

All Gone!

See how Lice-Nil's formula kills lice and eggs in just 20 minutes