Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the signs of lice?

A:Many times, children will experience itching or skin bumps; however, sometimes lice may be present without any symptoms. This is why regular inspection is so important.

Q: How do lice spread?

A:Contrary to popular myths, head lice do not jump from scalp to scalp, but require direct or indirect contact to migrate from one carrier to another. Common methods of transmission include hats, scarves, brushes, combs, headphones, pillows, towels, sleeping pads and head-to-head contact.

Q: Do lice carry diseases?

A:Head lice do not pose a significant medical or public health threat and are not known to spread disease.

Q: Can I get lice from a pet?

A:No. Although pets can carry lice, these are different from the ones that infect humans.

Q: Can you kill lice in a single treatment?

A:According to the CDC, for most chemical OTC treatments, a second treatment is usually necessary to kill newly hatched lice before they can produce new eggs. Because Lice-Nil’s non-chemical formula is able to kill lice eggs, however, it usually eliminates all lice and nits after one use.

Q: Are all lice treatments the same?

A:No. Most OTC lice treatments rely on potentially harmful chemicals, which have been shown to pose a risk to human health. What's more, because these chemicals have no effect on lice eggs, they usually require multiple treatments to prevent recurrence. Made from all-natural ingredients, Lice-Nil is able to safely kill living lice and their eggs without causing harm to the user or the person applying the treatment.

Q: Are lice a sign of bad hygiene?

A:While commonly associated with neglect and poor hygiene, head lice can actually happen to anyone. In fact, personal hygiene and cleanliness have no impact on your risk of contracting lice.

Q: How do I check for lice?

A:Visual inspection is usually enough to identify full-grown head lice; however, you may need a magnifying glass to clearly see nits (lice eggs).

Q: Can I treat lice at home?

A:Yes! Lice-Nil provides a safe, effective lice solution without the need for a doctor visit.

Q: Do I need to visit a doctor?

A:In rare instances, scratching can create sores that could become infected with bacteria. In this case, a doctor visit may become necessary.

Product Ordering FAQ's

Q: How Do I Place An Order?

A: Placing an order of Lice-Nil is simple!

1. Buy Lice-Nil Link from the Menu bar or Click here.

2. Click on Lice-Nil Image.

3. In the shopping cart window, Click on add to cart option. The Cart button at the top right corner will be updated with your purchase.

4. Click on Cart and follow the steps to check out.

Q: Payment options

A: We process all our payments through PayPal. It's totally secure. Shop worry free.

Q: Which currency do you use?

A: We use USD currency.

Q: Secure ordering

A: All the payments are processed through very secure PayPal Gateways. Your data is absolutely safe.

Q: Shipping charges

A: Any order for Lice-Nil above one bottle qualifies for Free Shipping. For rest, please refer to charges during check out.

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: We currently ship only within the USA; however, we will soon expand all over the world.

Q: How do I contact you about returns and refunds?

A: For Returns or Refunds, please get in touch with us using the below information.


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