How It Works

Trusted by moms and recommended by medical professionals, Lice-Nil is a fast, natural lice treatment that provides lasting results in only 20 minutes. Best of all, unlike common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil targets both the lice and their eggs to prevent recurrences.

Power of Neem Extract

Natural oil effectively removes even the most resistant lice

The primary ingredient in Lice-Nil, neem extract, is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds and fruits of the Azadirachta indica tree. This powerful lice remedy is safe and all-natural. It works by encapsulating and suffocating the lice and even penetrates the aeropyles (tiny openings) at the top of lice eggs. This blocks the oxygen flow to create carbon dioxide build-up and keeps the nits from forming any further. This results in a complete lice solution that gets rid of every louse and nit.

Chemical-free, Lice-free, worry-free

See the difference between chemical and natural

Lice-Nil outperforms traditional chemical lice treatments because it works in an entirely different way. Typical chemical treatments work by directing efforts to the louse's nervous system, but this doesn't have an effect on eggs because they haven't developed nervous systems yet. This then leads to a stressful combing process to remove the nits from the hair. And chemical treatments have almost no effect on super lice, which are lice that have developed resistance to even the harshest chemical treatments. But, because Lice-Nil works differently, it can kill both regular and super lice, with no chemical side effects because it's all natural. Discover why Lice-Nil is 45 years tested and trusted worldwide. Keep the whole family chemical-free, lice-free, and worry-free.


of U.S. states have confirmed populations of super lice


minutes for Lice-Nil to kill all types of lice and eggs


years Lice-Nil has been a proven solution

How it Works

Trusted by moms and recommended by medical professionals, Lice-Nil is a fast, natural lice treatmen


Step One

Lice-Nil is an oil-based treatment, so it spreads evenly through dry hair. Fully coat affected area.


Step Two

Let formula sit on affected area for 20 minutes. The neem extract formula will encapsulate and suffocate both lice and eggs.

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Step Three

Wash hair thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. Use a comb to remove any remaining dead lice or eggs. Now you're chemical-free, lice-free, and worry-free.

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