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What not to use for effective head lice treatment?

Effective head lice treatments have many ‘dos’ and measures to be taken. Have you ever thought about the Don’ts? Read here now!

    1. Online Help

      Type ‘Head Lice treatment’ on search engines like Google, and you will get a big list of head lice cures or DIY tricks to eliminate head lice. The blogs and product/services offerings form many websites will overwhelm you.
      There is a reason one should keep away from sites that recommend using vinegar, mayo soaks and/or essential oils to “cure” head lice. This is due to the fact that when head lice feed, they often cause open sores on the scalp. The vinegar method can burn and sting the open sores. This is major problem for young children or sensitive scalp.

    2. Mayonnaise Remedy

      Mayonnaise is another remedy you will be advised to use, you should not do. Salmonella can become a concern here because mayonnaise is not good after two hours when not refrigerated. Also, keeping a bag on child’s head while sleeping is not advisable.

    3. Essential Natural Oils

      Finally essential oils are suggested.They, no doubt, are effective but which ones? Even though they are natural they can be dangerous if not used properly. You should know which essential oils should be safely mixed and in what proportions. Dr Google should never be used as a substitute for health advice. Always consulting an health care professional is much advisable.

    4. Reduction Combing

      Among all non-toxic options, reduction combing is best defence. It is physical and results are guaranteed. It can not only be used for lice removal but also as a preventive measure.
      As said it is physical, it can create harm or injure your scalp leading to more infections.

Chemical Free head Lice Treatment

Having the right combination of neem oil, coconut oil and essential tea tree oils is perfect for effective lice treatment. It is natural and when mixed proportionately, has a positive effect. Lice-Nil is lice eliminator oil that can kill lice and destroy nits in single application of 20 minutes duration.