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What are steps to prevent getting head lice?

Here are the few measures that can be adopted to prevent head lice infestation.  Read more now from natural head lice treatment experts.

  1. Teach kids to avoid head-to-head contact during play and other alternative activities at home, schools, play areas like sports activities, playgrounds, slumber parties, and camps.
  2. Teach kids to not share clothing and other accessories like hats, scarves, helmets, sports uniforms, towels, combs, brushes, hair ties, and headphones.
  3. Dis-infest combs and hair brushes that are used someone with head lice by soaking them in hot water (at least 130°F) for 5–10 minutes.
  4. Try to use natural products to get rid of lice. Lice-Nil is an oil based formulation that contains neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oils. 100% natural and effective head lice treatment for instant lice removal.
  5. Do not lie on beds, couches, pillows, carpets, or stuffed animals that have recently been in contact with someone with head lice.
  6. Clean things that are used or been in contact with head of someone with lice within the forty eight hours before head lice treatment. Machine wash and dry clothing, bed linens, and alternative things using hot water predicament (at least 130°F) and a high heat drying cycle. Clothes and things that don’t seem to be washable may be clean or sealed in plastic bags for around 2 weeks.
  7. Vacuum the floor mats, floors and furniture, significantly wherever the person with lice was in direct contact with. Head lice survive for less than one or 2 days if they fall off the scalp and can’t feed.
  8. Do not use insect powder sprays or fogs; they’re not necessary to manage head lice and may be have side effects of harmful issues come in direct contact or are absorbed through the skin.

After finishing treatment with Lice-Nil, check everybody for lice in your family once one week. If live lice are found, contact your skilled health care professional immediately.

What Cleaning Measures to Adopt after Head Lice Treatment?

After effective lice treatment, spending time and money on cleaning activites viz. house and fabrics is not necessary to avoid reinfestation by lice or nits. Read Here.

There is a typical misinterpretation about treating individuals and homes that have had contact with lice. The best way is to get them out of the house and to place everything in the home that is made of a fabrics in plastic packs for about fourteen days and have the furnishings and floor coverings, bed linens cleaned. A lot more, isn’t it?

Let us know what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says about home cleaning when lice are discovered.
CDC states “Head lice doesn’t stay alive for long once it is falls off the scalp. They cant live as don’t get to feed on for more than 48 hours. Nits cannot hatch and die within seven days if they dont get a chance to be kept at indistinguishable temperature from that discovered near the human scalp. You don’t have to invest a great deal of energy or cash on house-cleaning exercises.”

A few useful steps for cleaning after lice treatment, by CDC:

Dry clothing, bed materials, and different things that the affected individual used about 2 days before treatment, should be soaked in hot water (130°F) Garments and things that are not launderable can be dry– cleaned or stored in a plastic bags for about fourteen days Soak brushes and combs in high temp water (approx 130°F) for 5– 10 minutes CDC suggests vacuuming the floor where the individual with lice has been

Lice-Nil is an all natural effective lice treatment oil. It destroys lice and nits after 20 minutes of application. Yes, you are saved from the major cleaning process. However, we recommend you to do it as a precautionary measure. You can check how Lice-Nil works here.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally?

Natural Ingredients, primarily Neem oil, are more effective head treatments than short-lived chemical lice treatments. Read How to get rid of lice and nits now.

Since you are a rational person, you would possibly already know that natural remedies measure higher and continually recommended and preferred over chemical remedies. Same is the case with fighting lice infestation. Natural treatments work higher and absolute that win over the modern chemical ones.

How Chemical Lice Treatment Works?

Typical chemical treatments work by entering into the louse (singular for lice) nervous system. A known fact that this does not have any effect on louse egg, as a result of they haven’t developed nervous systems yet. This then ends up in a half-cured lice eradication method. The nits are still not removed from hair. Also, chemical treatments have virtually no result on Super lice, because they have developed resistance to even the harshest of chemical treatments used for head lice treatment. The lice eggs then hatch to produce more lice and the cycle continues. The only way to get rid of nits is harsh n painful combing to remove nits stuck in hair. This doesn’t do the job well.

Lice-Nil - get rid of lice naturally

How Neem Oil Lice treatment Works?

Neem oil which is an extract which is oil pressed from seeds and fruits of Azadirachta indica tree. This powerful lice remedy is safe and 100% natural. It works by encapsulating and suffocating lice and even penetrates the aeropyles (tiny openings) at the top of lice eggs. This blocks the oxygen (O2) flow and forms Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas thwarts the expansion of the nits. This ends up in an entire lice life-cycle elimination. Thus, this is a great measure. This is how you can eliminate lice and nits.

Few Good to know facts of Neem Oil treatment:

Neem oil contains insecticidal ingredients stop the reproduction and further growth of head lice
Neem oil works wonders in ceasing swallowing systems of lice
Neem oil isn’t harsh on the skin and causes less irritation and skin sensation
Along with handling head lice, it helps to feature shine to your hair and moisturises your scalp

Lice-Nil : A Perfect Head Lice Remedy

Lice-Nil consists of neem extract and is an oil-based treatment. Lice-Nil once applied to the lice-infested hair, can encapsulate and suffocate each lice and eggs. The application time is as small as 20 minutes.
We would like to conclude that neem extract in Lice-Nil works effectively and naturally. Compared to common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil targets lice and their eggs to eliminate them and stop recurrences.

Effective Head Lice Treatment with ‘Who’ & ‘How’ of Head Lice Explained!

Here we discuss about the prevalence of head lice, who gets it and natural, effective Head Lice Treatment to avoid it. Read more Now.

Your kid getting head lice or hearing one of your child’s classmates has it, isn’t pleasant. There are parents from accross the globe worried to know and attempting to decipher:

  • The prevalence of head lice
  • Head Lice treatment
  • Way to avoid it

We have tried to produce answers to a number of these queries.

who gets lice and how- treatment explained

Who gets head lice?

To start with, you should know regarding lice is that they exist in each and every country, across all age groups and each strata of the society. There’s this a strong misconception of deeming someone to not being hygienically good to have head lice. We tend to get mistaken there. Anyone will get lice regardless of however sparkling clean or dirty they are. Finally, lice don’t prey on dirt, they prey on blood and live getting ready to the human scalp.

Girls or ladies are regarded notably infestation-prone thanks to hair length, which is long. However, some studies show that hair length has less impact on whether or not people have lice or not.
In western countries, there’s a rise in variety of head lice cases among kids after teh holiday season, probably as a result of contact with kids outside of the standard circle. Also, after they have travelled in vacation with thier families and spread head lice in school, become victims, due to contacts with head lice children.

How you get head lice?

The most common mode of transfer, of head lice, is head to head contact with already infected person. Going by this, children are at lost of risk of obtaining head lice as a result of head-to-head contact is common throughout play in school, reception or elsewhere.

Although uncommon, head lice may also spread through shared garments or belongings. This happens once lice travel, or nits connected shed hair hatch.
Dogs, cats or different pets play no role in spreading of head lice.

There is no existing and quick rule on ‘WHO‘ gets head lice and in which way. Anybody will catch head lice once it comes contact with infected person. There is no clear clue of how did it first begin at 1st place. For those that became a victim of head lice, here’s a bit one thing for you.

Best head lice removal treatment

Humans have an inclination to use chemical merchandise hurriedly. At first, it will surely work for them. We, however, powerfully advocate against it as a result of rather than treating your infection, you can your health triggering many unwanted side-effects. On the other hand, we propose a totally natural product for effective head lice treatment.

Lice-Nil, an easy, fast, lasting and all-natural lice eliminator oil is 100% effective against irritating very little creatures. Apply Lice-Nil in your hair for twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water.
With this, end you relationship with head lice.