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Everything you should know about head lice to work towards Head Lice Treatment!

Our experts present to you the perfect head lice guide. Read Here to know more on how one can treat head lice effectively.

It’s obvious to get upset if you discover that your kid has head lice. The thought of small parasites in your child’s hair will cause panic and rush you to make choices. Would you be less stressed if you knew that head lice aren’t renowned to transmit diseases, and itchiness is that the solely major health issue they cause?
But Why you suffer from itching when you have natural head lice treatments handy?

Go through our tips on how to eliminate head lice the proper way!

What you didn’t know about head lice?

  • Head lice are common in kids between ages groups of three to eleven years
  • They are more often found in girls than boys
  • Head lice are found in all sorts of hair, whether or not it’s curly, straight, coloured or natural
  • Head lice got to have meals on human blood every twelve to twenty four hours, so that they can’t survive when they fall off from a person’s head for more than 24 hours

How head lice Spreads?

  1. Head lice don’t jump, they don’t continue to exist on your pets and don’t spread through them.
  2. Also, they don’t have anything to do with personal hygiene
  3. The main reason of spreading head lice is by head-to-head contact. This implies your kid should be touching heads with somebody who has head lice. This might happen throughout sports, slumber parties or play time in or outside of schools, playgrounds etc.
  4. A less likely way to spread head lice is by sharing personal things which touch the heads like hats, hair brushes and hair accessories.

Before you begin treatment, confirm and make sure kid might have gotten head lice.

What to do when head lice is detected?

Once your kid comes home with a confirmed case of head lice, take steps to prevent lice from spreading to alternative members of the family. This is main one has to do.

Measures to take to prevent head lice from spreading:

  1. Avoid hugging or alternative ways of contact
  2. Check other youngsters and adults in your family for head lice
  3. Often, by the time you get a decision from your kid’s school nurse, your kid has had head lice for a short time
  4. Your whole family might have to be treated to head lice re-infestation
  5. Washing hats, pillow cases and similar things that might be used by infested person and may facilitate contain head lice.

What is Life Cycle of Head Lice?

Head lice will be found in one or a lot of of those forms:

  1. Head lice eggs (nits) firmly connected to the bottom of the hair. they’ll seem like dandruff, however if you examine them with a light microscope, you’ll be able to see that nits are oval-shaped and not flat.
  2. The egg produces a nymph, that encompasses a greyish-white color and goes through 3 stages before turning into an adult.
  3. Adult head lice are tan-colored and might be seen moving quickly on the hair or across the scalp.

All 3 generations of head lice got to be dead in order to eliminate head lice permanently. To properly treat head lice, you would like to grasp your enemy.

Over-the-Counter Head Lice Treatments

Your 1st line of defence against head lice i over-the-counter (OTC) head lice treatment that generally comes within the type of shampoo. Most over-the-counter head lice treatments don’t kill nits, thus a second application could also be necessary to kill the nymphs once they hatch. There is a grave chance that you sensitive scalp could develop allergies and other such issues with help of chemicals. Its always better to choose a chemical free head lice treatment.

Natural Head Lice Treatments

Neem oil with coconut oil when proportionately blended with tea tree oils form a perfect combination of chemical free head lice treatment. Lice-Nil is an effective lice eliminator oil which is 100% natural. Lice-Nil oil not only kills lice but also destroys nits and stops them from hatching.

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