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How To Check If you have head lice?

A weekly check for head lice infestation is a best preventive measure. Read more about what are steps to check for head lice and their natural treatment options.

We would like to recommend that you follow our steps to check for head lice and do a preventative head check weekly. A fast head check done weekly is your best defence against a getting head lice and nits infestation. Check frequently and if you are positive to discover any infestation before the situation turns worse, you can easily eliminate without much trouble. The methods we describe are easy and will not eat much of your time.

  1. Start simply with a shower such that the hair is damp and wet.
  2. It’s best to use a detangler or lice comb (if you have) to do the job a bit easier. If you’re a former victim of head lice then you are likely to have effective lice treatment products. Lice-Nil is one such natural lice treatment oil which kills lice and destroys nits completely. It is 100% natural and contains ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil perfectly blended with essential tea tree oils. With comb or brush all hair back (like that of Elvis Presley).
  3. Use a nit comb remover flat against the top of the hair. Comb all hair straight back from on the point of the scalp, all the way down to the ends. Wipe comb on towel each five strokes to examine for nits/lice. Comb the entire head. Adult lice or big lice ought to be pretty obvious if you discover them, however, you would like a decent nit comb to check for the nits.

Useful Tip:

  • For short/medium hair: Comb all hair to right, then to the left and so from back to front. Repeat.
  • For long hair: Partition hair in center and divide into right/left sections. Pull one aspect into a hairdo and comb the opposite aspect. Switch sides and repeat.

If you discover proof of nits/lice there are many choices for treatment. Sadly, over the counter treatments by big brands have lots of chemicals. They are successful in treating lice but chemicals can harm your scalp skin. There are cases where lice have become resistant to harsh chemicals and it has no effect on them. Lice-Nil is of best help to such individuals.

You can also buy natural lice treatment product, Lice-Nil, online from Amazon.com and Walmart.com. Make a decision to fight lice the natural way with Lice-Nil, lice eliminator oil.

Effective Head Lice Treatment with ‘Who’ & ‘How’ of Head Lice Explained!

Here we discuss about the prevalence of head lice, who gets it and natural, effective Head Lice Treatment to avoid it. Read more Now.

Your kid getting head lice or hearing one of your child’s classmates has it, isn’t pleasant. There are parents from accross the globe worried to know and attempting to decipher:

  • The prevalence of head lice
  • Head Lice treatment
  • Way to avoid it

We have tried to produce answers to a number of these queries.

who gets lice and how- treatment explained

Who gets head lice?

To start with, you should know regarding lice is that they exist in each and every country, across all age groups and each strata of the society. There’s this a strong misconception of deeming someone to not being hygienically good to have head lice. We tend to get mistaken there. Anyone will get lice regardless of however sparkling clean or dirty they are. Finally, lice don’t prey on dirt, they prey on blood and live getting ready to the human scalp.

Girls or ladies are regarded notably infestation-prone thanks to hair length, which is long. However, some studies show that hair length has less impact on whether or not people have lice or not.
In western countries, there’s a rise in variety of head lice cases among kids after teh holiday season, probably as a result of contact with kids outside of the standard circle. Also, after they have travelled in vacation with thier families and spread head lice in school, become victims, due to contacts with head lice children.

How you get head lice?

The most common mode of transfer, of head lice, is head to head contact with already infected person. Going by this, children are at lost of risk of obtaining head lice as a result of head-to-head contact is common throughout play in school, reception or elsewhere.

Although uncommon, head lice may also spread through shared garments or belongings. This happens once lice travel, or nits connected shed hair hatch.
Dogs, cats or different pets play no role in spreading of head lice.

There is no existing and quick rule on ‘WHO‘ gets head lice and in which way. Anybody will catch head lice once it comes contact with infected person. There is no clear clue of how did it first begin at 1st place. For those that became a victim of head lice, here’s a bit one thing for you.

Best head lice removal treatment

Humans have an inclination to use chemical merchandise hurriedly. At first, it will surely work for them. We, however, powerfully advocate against it as a result of rather than treating your infection, you can your health triggering many unwanted side-effects. On the other hand, we propose a totally natural product for effective head lice treatment.

Lice-Nil, an easy, fast, lasting and all-natural lice eliminator oil is 100% effective against irritating very little creatures. Apply Lice-Nil in your hair for twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water.
With this, end you relationship with head lice.