Natural Lice Treatment Oil

All natural.


Just three powerful ingredients: Neem, Coconut, and Tea-tree oils.

About Us

About Lice-Nil

Lice-Nil, a product of Sujanil, was developed in India and made its way to the U.S. Using a chemical-free formula made up of neem oil, coconut oil, and tea-tree oils, Lice-Nil is a product that attacks lice naturally to destroy lice problems completely. Neem oil, an ingredient long-used in India, has come to the U.S. and is here to keep you and your family chemical-free, lice-free, and worry-free.
About Sujanil
A trusted name in agricultural and industrial pesticides, Sujanil is dedicated to manufacturing products that deliver effective pest control, while supporting the ‘Harit Kranti’ or the green revolution. After bringing high-performing, cost-effective pest solutions to the farmers of India, our company has expanded its reach to offer household insecticides, FMCG, herbal hair care and cosmetic products to consumers throughout the world.
With an unrelenting dedication to quality, Sujanil strives to help its customers meet corporate, agricultural and everyday consumer challenges, while also fulfilling critical social responsibilities. Our group has become an industry model for manufacturing quality pesticides without disturbing the environment. In fact, our facility often enjoys visits from worldwide members of the pesticide industry, who come to study Sujanil’s infrastructure, safety, health and environmental policies.
Backed by an ISO 9001 certificate for quality, Sujanil is founded on a three-tier strategy that yields powerful, environmentally-responsible pest control products.
We are…
  • Sujanil’s knowledgeable, dedicated chemists continuously strive to guarantee the ongoing quality of our products.
  • A constant flow of product innovation has made Sujanil the preeminent provider of insect control products.
  • Sujanil’s products are regarded as the industry standard to which all related products are compared for quality and efficacy.
  • Continuing this tradition of quality and innovation, Sujanil will be introducing new products to meet our customer’s evolving challenges.
  • We take pride in the long-term relationships we have built with our customers.
  • Sujanil’s success is founded in its faithful pledge to total customer satisfaction.
In keeping with its commitment to social responsibility, Sujanil also invests in developing healthy, active communities through its efforts to promote sports activities. In fact, by promoting young and aspiring cricketers, the Sujanil Sports Club has nurtured many rising stars who have gained prestigious achievements in various tournaments.
A socially-responsible partner for consumers, farmers and corporate enterprises, Sujanil manufactures the world’s highest performing solutions for insect control, while maintaining an unyielding commitment to environmentally-sound products and practices.


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