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Keep handy these Additional Tips for eliminating Head Lice effectively!

Though all the information available to treat head lice, we present you a few additional tips that can help you eliminate and prevent head lice. Read Now!

Seek skilled help

Some people talk of home remedies for head lice, like tea tree oil, mayonnaise, neem oil, vinegar, saline spray and lots of others. These treatments very unhygienic, time intense and not supported by scientific proof. If you tried an over-the-counter head lice treatment that didn’t work, seek for skilled medical practitioner to treat head lice.

The best thing is you can try the trusted lice eliminator oil called Lice-Nil. It is best for chemical free head lice treatment and 100% natural.

Don’t Obsess Over Nits

A sensible rule of thumb is this: If no live creeping insects are seen 3 weeks after the treatment, it’s safe to assume that you simply are clear from lice. If nits were present and alive, they might have hatched. Nits and their shells could stay within the hair for a few time, else they would cease to survive.

Many head lice treatments target nits together with adult head lice. If you used a product like this, no hair-care is required, only you will need to remove the dead shells. Neem oil and coconut oil formula, in LiceNil, chokes the nits and destroys them completely.

Destroy Head Lice Habitat

Head lice needs a human scalp and hair to survive. If the hair is gone, there are less chances of head lice survival as the don’t get place to lice on. Cutting a child’s hair could seem like easy and an all extreme answer, however, what for adults? If your kid already gets short haircuts, it’s going to be for you to take care of head lice by destroying their home ground.

Keep a watch on Head Scratching

Unfortunately, there’s no verified head lice treatment that may stop your kid from obtaining head lice once more. The most effective you’ll be able to do is keep alert for suspicious head scratching. Itchiness is a sensitivity to chemicals present in louse’s spit. Not all youngsters can expertise itchiness promptly, however if they need had head lice before, they’re a lot of seemingly to begin itchiness sooner. Catching this behaviour early and treating it will assist you stop a head lice at its roots without spreading further.

Apply Lice-Nil Oil for 20 minutes and all the head lice is gone, at once. This is easy, safe way to kill lice and destroy nits completely.