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Why is Lice-Nil, natural lice treatment oil, a best lice removal product?

Lice-Nil is chemical free and 100% natural lice treatment oil. It is best as it kills lice and removes nits, easy to use is another benefits of Lice-Nil Oil.

How Natural Lice Treatment Oil works?

Lice-Nil oil is a perfect blend of Neem Oil, Coconut oil and essential tea tree oils. Each of them has different properties to combat lice.

Neem Oil Lice Treatment

The primary ingredient, neem extract, is a vegetable oil pressed from the seeds and fruits of the Azadirachta indica tree. Neem Oil works by encapsulating and suffocating the lice and even penetrates the aeropyles (tiny openings) at the top of lice eggs. Blocking the oxygen flow, it prevents nits from hatching.

Coconut Oil for Lice Treatment

Coconut oil is greasy in nature. It stops lice from clinging to hair roots and fall off easily. Simliarly, the nits are also removed with nits comb aftr Lice-Nil treatment.

Tea Tree Oil Lice Treatment

Tea tree oil acts as a suffocant, thus, making it helpful in killing bugs. The scent of tea tree oil is particularly effective in repelling or killing bugs. Tea Tree Oil is highly useful in treating symptoms of irritation such as redness, flakiness and sore skin. Hence, we an conclude that tea tree oils are majorly used to repair the scalp and skin damaged by head lice.

How to Use Lice-Nil?

Lice-Nil is a chemical free head lice treatment formula. It is oil based lice removal product. Lice-Nil is used in 3 easy steps.

  • Step One
    Apply natural lice treatment oil evenly through dry hair.
  • Step Two
    Leave it for 20 minutes and let neem oil and coconut oils show the magic. Tea tree oil will prevent any odour and help repair the damage done to scalp by lice.
  • Step Three
    Wash hair with water and normal shampoo. Roughly comb away the dead lice and nits from our hair with nits comb.

Who can use Lice-Nil – lice treatment oil?

  1. Lice-Nil is suitable for dry hair and oily hair
  2. Lice-Nil is suitable for long hair as well as short hair
  3. Lice-Nil is suitable for adults as well as kids. Being chemical free it has no side effects

7 Most Effective Ways of Head Lice Treatment

Getting rid of lice completely and preventing it from coming again is not a once time process. Read here most effective seven ways of head lice treatment.

  1. Make sure it’s Head Lice

  2. Dandruff or dry skin can also be a cause of itchy and disturbing scalp, instead of lice. Not all fretful, flaky scalps are because of lice. Before starting a head lice treatment programme, an individual ought to make sure that lice or their eggs are present.
    Dandruff, dry skin, and a few scalp infections will mimic the symptoms of lice. A careful scrutiny, flaky skin may also not even check lice eggs or small tiny lice. To check for lice, individuals should wet their hair and check for it. Lice are grey-brown and will be visible on the scalp. Wetting the hair will create it easier to identify them. Lice eggs are attached to near the root of hair near to scalp.

  3. Understand the Lice Treatment Method

  4. Lice treatments use gentle chemicals that are safe to use on the scalp. However, some may be poisonous, which implies youngsters should be supervised with more utter care.
    People with a history of skin allergies or alternative uncommon reactions, particularly to pesticides or to topical merchandise, should consult a doctor before starting such lice treatments.

    Few Reasons to consult a doctor before lice treatment:

    1. previous head lice treatments failed
    2. there is a history of lice coming again and again
    3. the scalp is rough, bloody, infected or crusty
    4. lice don’t seem to be visible

    Adult female lice lay about six eggs each day. Thus comes to calculations that little lice infestation will quickly bring about to a way larger one. The correct head lice treatment is killing adult lice and removing their eggs (nits).

  5. Over The Counter Choices

  6. A number of over-the-counter choices are available in the market. Follow the directions on the package, some may need it shampoo to stay on the scalp for certain minutes while others will need multiple applications of product. After lice treatment from OTC options, few measures need to be adopted for cleaning lice infestation from usable fabrics, furniture and furnishings.

  7. Remove nits with a comb

  8. If the treatment doesn’t promise to kill all eggs, use a fine-tooth nit comb to comb out all nits. This could be tedious and painful task to do. Even if a shampoo guarantees to kill eggs, removing the nits by hand will speed up treatment and scale back the chance of a reinfestation. For effective egg removal, use a nit comb on the scalp a day for a minimum of every week. This ensures that, albeit some eggs go unperceived, all or most ar eventually removed.

  9. Clean sources of contagion

  10. It is vital to clean things like hats and pillow cases that have get direct contact with the hair of infested person. Lice cannot live for more than 24 hours after it fall off from human head But nits can survive if they get same dwelling conditions. You can read more about cleaning measures after lice treatment in one of our blogs.

  11. Keep youngsters home

  12. Parents could also be reluctant to stay youngsters home from school, once if they need to travel and there is no one to take care at home. However, sending kids to school once they have cleared ice treatment, there is heavy risk of getting re-infestation again. This will make repeat tedious process again.

  13. Best Chemical Free Head Lice Treatment

  14. Lice-Nil is a lice treatment oil which is 100% natural. It has a perfect blend of neem oil, coconut oil and essential tea tree oils. This chemical free head lice treatment not only kills lice but also eliminates nits. Apply for 20 minutes and rinse off. A rough single combing after this treatment will remove all nits.

What not to use for effective head lice treatment?

Effective head lice treatments have many ‘dos’ and measures to be taken. Have you ever thought about the Don’ts? Read here now!

    1. Online Help

      Type ‘Head Lice treatment’ on search engines like Google, and you will get a big list of head lice cures or DIY tricks to eliminate head lice. The blogs and product/services offerings form many websites will overwhelm you.
      There is a reason one should keep away from sites that recommend using vinegar, mayo soaks and/or essential oils to “cure” head lice. This is due to the fact that when head lice feed, they often cause open sores on the scalp. The vinegar method can burn and sting the open sores. This is major problem for young children or sensitive scalp.

    2. Mayonnaise Remedy

      Mayonnaise is another remedy you will be advised to use, you should not do. Salmonella can become a concern here because mayonnaise is not good after two hours when not refrigerated. Also, keeping a bag on child’s head while sleeping is not advisable.

    3. Essential Natural Oils

      Finally essential oils are suggested.They, no doubt, are effective but which ones? Even though they are natural they can be dangerous if not used properly. You should know which essential oils should be safely mixed and in what proportions. Dr Google should never be used as a substitute for health advice. Always consulting an health care professional is much advisable.

    4. Reduction Combing

      Among all non-toxic options, reduction combing is best defence. It is physical and results are guaranteed. It can not only be used for lice removal but also as a preventive measure.
      As said it is physical, it can create harm or injure your scalp leading to more infections.

Chemical Free head Lice Treatment

Having the right combination of neem oil, coconut oil and essential tea tree oils is perfect for effective lice treatment. It is natural and when mixed proportionately, has a positive effect. Lice-Nil is lice eliminator oil that can kill lice and destroy nits in single application of 20 minutes duration.

Keep handy these Additional Tips for eliminating Head Lice effectively!

Though all the information available to treat head lice, we present you a few additional tips that can help you eliminate and prevent head lice. Read Now!

Seek skilled help

Some people talk of home remedies for head lice, like tea tree oil, mayonnaise, neem oil, vinegar, saline spray and lots of others. These treatments very unhygienic, time intense and not supported by scientific proof. If you tried an over-the-counter head lice treatment that didn’t work, seek for skilled medical practitioner to treat head lice.

The best thing is you can try the trusted lice eliminator oil called Lice-Nil. It is best for chemical free head lice treatment and 100% natural.

Don’t Obsess Over Nits

A sensible rule of thumb is this: If no live creeping insects are seen 3 weeks after the treatment, it’s safe to assume that you simply are clear from lice. If nits were present and alive, they might have hatched. Nits and their shells could stay within the hair for a few time, else they would cease to survive.

Many head lice treatments target nits together with adult head lice. If you used a product like this, no hair-care is required, only you will need to remove the dead shells. Neem oil and coconut oil formula, in LiceNil, chokes the nits and destroys them completely.

Destroy Head Lice Habitat

Head lice needs a human scalp and hair to survive. If the hair is gone, there are less chances of head lice survival as the don’t get place to lice on. Cutting a child’s hair could seem like easy and an all extreme answer, however, what for adults? If your kid already gets short haircuts, it’s going to be for you to take care of head lice by destroying their home ground.

Keep a watch on Head Scratching

Unfortunately, there’s no verified head lice treatment that may stop your kid from obtaining head lice once more. The most effective you’ll be able to do is keep alert for suspicious head scratching. Itchiness is a sensitivity to chemicals present in louse’s spit. Not all youngsters can expertise itchiness promptly, however if they need had head lice before, they’re a lot of seemingly to begin itchiness sooner. Catching this behaviour early and treating it will assist you stop a head lice at its roots without spreading further.

Apply Lice-Nil Oil for 20 minutes and all the head lice is gone, at once. This is easy, safe way to kill lice and destroy nits completely.

Everything you should know about head lice to work towards Head Lice Treatment!

Our experts present to you the perfect head lice guide. Read Here to know more on how one can treat head lice effectively.

It’s obvious to get upset if you discover that your kid has head lice. The thought of small parasites in your child’s hair will cause panic and rush you to make choices. Would you be less stressed if you knew that head lice aren’t renowned to transmit diseases, and itchiness is that the solely major health issue they cause?
But Why you suffer from itching when you have natural head lice treatments handy?

Go through our tips on how to eliminate head lice the proper way!

What you didn’t know about head lice?

  • Head lice are common in kids between ages groups of three to eleven years
  • They are more often found in girls than boys
  • Head lice are found in all sorts of hair, whether or not it’s curly, straight, coloured or natural
  • Head lice got to have meals on human blood every twelve to twenty four hours, so that they can’t survive when they fall off from a person’s head for more than 24 hours

How head lice Spreads?

  1. Head lice don’t jump, they don’t continue to exist on your pets and don’t spread through them.
  2. Also, they don’t have anything to do with personal hygiene
  3. The main reason of spreading head lice is by head-to-head contact. This implies your kid should be touching heads with somebody who has head lice. This might happen throughout sports, slumber parties or play time in or outside of schools, playgrounds etc.
  4. A less likely way to spread head lice is by sharing personal things which touch the heads like hats, hair brushes and hair accessories.

Before you begin treatment, confirm and make sure kid might have gotten head lice.

What to do when head lice is detected?

Once your kid comes home with a confirmed case of head lice, take steps to prevent lice from spreading to alternative members of the family. This is main one has to do.

Measures to take to prevent head lice from spreading:

  1. Avoid hugging or alternative ways of contact
  2. Check other youngsters and adults in your family for head lice
  3. Often, by the time you get a decision from your kid’s school nurse, your kid has had head lice for a short time
  4. Your whole family might have to be treated to head lice re-infestation
  5. Washing hats, pillow cases and similar things that might be used by infested person and may facilitate contain head lice.

What is Life Cycle of Head Lice?

Head lice will be found in one or a lot of of those forms:

  1. Head lice eggs (nits) firmly connected to the bottom of the hair. they’ll seem like dandruff, however if you examine them with a light microscope, you’ll be able to see that nits are oval-shaped and not flat.
  2. The egg produces a nymph, that encompasses a greyish-white color and goes through 3 stages before turning into an adult.
  3. Adult head lice are tan-colored and might be seen moving quickly on the hair or across the scalp.

All 3 generations of head lice got to be dead in order to eliminate head lice permanently. To properly treat head lice, you would like to grasp your enemy.

Over-the-Counter Head Lice Treatments

Your 1st line of defence against head lice i over-the-counter (OTC) head lice treatment that generally comes within the type of shampoo. Most over-the-counter head lice treatments don’t kill nits, thus a second application could also be necessary to kill the nymphs once they hatch. There is a grave chance that you sensitive scalp could develop allergies and other such issues with help of chemicals. Its always better to choose a chemical free head lice treatment.

Natural Head Lice Treatments

Neem oil with coconut oil when proportionately blended with tea tree oils form a perfect combination of chemical free head lice treatment. Lice-Nil is an effective lice eliminator oil which is 100% natural. Lice-Nil oil not only kills lice but also destroys nits and stops them from hatching.

Buy Lice-Nil from Amazon and Walmart eCommerce portals.

What are steps to prevent getting head lice?

Here are the few measures that can be adopted to prevent head lice infestation.  Read more now from natural head lice treatment experts.

  1. Teach kids to avoid head-to-head contact during play and other alternative activities at home, schools, play areas like sports activities, playgrounds, slumber parties, and camps.
  2. Teach kids to not share clothing and other accessories like hats, scarves, helmets, sports uniforms, towels, combs, brushes, hair ties, and headphones.
  3. Dis-infest combs and hair brushes that are used someone with head lice by soaking them in hot water (at least 130°F) for 5–10 minutes.
  4. Try to use natural products to get rid of lice. Lice-Nil is an oil based formulation that contains neem oil, coconut oil and tea-tree oils. 100% natural and effective head lice treatment for instant lice removal.
  5. Do not lie on beds, couches, pillows, carpets, or stuffed animals that have recently been in contact with someone with head lice.
  6. Clean things that are used or been in contact with head of someone with lice within the forty eight hours before head lice treatment. Machine wash and dry clothing, bed linens, and alternative things using hot water predicament (at least 130°F) and a high heat drying cycle. Clothes and things that don’t seem to be washable may be clean or sealed in plastic bags for around 2 weeks.
  7. Vacuum the floor mats, floors and furniture, significantly wherever the person with lice was in direct contact with. Head lice survive for less than one or 2 days if they fall off the scalp and can’t feed.
  8. Do not use insect powder sprays or fogs; they’re not necessary to manage head lice and may be have side effects of harmful issues come in direct contact or are absorbed through the skin.

After finishing treatment with Lice-Nil, check everybody for lice in your family once one week. If live lice are found, contact your skilled health care professional immediately.

How To Check If you have head lice?

A weekly check for head lice infestation is a best preventive measure. Read more about what are steps to check for head lice and their natural treatment options.

We would like to recommend that you follow our steps to check for head lice and do a preventative head check weekly. A fast head check done weekly is your best defence against a getting head lice and nits infestation. Check frequently and if you are positive to discover any infestation before the situation turns worse, you can easily eliminate without much trouble. The methods we describe are easy and will not eat much of your time.

  1. Start simply with a shower such that the hair is damp and wet.
  2. It’s best to use a detangler or lice comb (if you have) to do the job a bit easier. If you’re a former victim of head lice then you are likely to have effective lice treatment products. Lice-Nil is one such natural lice treatment oil which kills lice and destroys nits completely. It is 100% natural and contains ingredients like neem oil, coconut oil perfectly blended with essential tea tree oils. With comb or brush all hair back (like that of Elvis Presley).
  3. Use a nit comb remover flat against the top of the hair. Comb all hair straight back from on the point of the scalp, all the way down to the ends. Wipe comb on towel each five strokes to examine for nits/lice. Comb the entire head. Adult lice or big lice ought to be pretty obvious if you discover them, however, you would like a decent nit comb to check for the nits.

Useful Tip:

  • For short/medium hair: Comb all hair to right, then to the left and so from back to front. Repeat.
  • For long hair: Partition hair in center and divide into right/left sections. Pull one aspect into a hairdo and comb the opposite aspect. Switch sides and repeat.

If you discover proof of nits/lice there are many choices for treatment. Sadly, over the counter treatments by big brands have lots of chemicals. They are successful in treating lice but chemicals can harm your scalp skin. There are cases where lice have become resistant to harsh chemicals and it has no effect on them. Lice-Nil is of best help to such individuals.

You can also buy natural lice treatment product, Lice-Nil, online from and Make a decision to fight lice the natural way with Lice-Nil, lice eliminator oil.

What Cleaning Measures to Adopt after Head Lice Treatment?

After effective lice treatment, spending time and money on cleaning activites viz. house and fabrics is not necessary to avoid reinfestation by lice or nits. Read Here.

There is a typical misinterpretation about treating individuals and homes that have had contact with lice. The best way is to get them out of the house and to place everything in the home that is made of a fabrics in plastic packs for about fourteen days and have the furnishings and floor coverings, bed linens cleaned. A lot more, isn’t it?

Let us know what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says about home cleaning when lice are discovered.
CDC states “Head lice doesn’t stay alive for long once it is falls off the scalp. They cant live as don’t get to feed on for more than 48 hours. Nits cannot hatch and die within seven days if they dont get a chance to be kept at indistinguishable temperature from that discovered near the human scalp. You don’t have to invest a great deal of energy or cash on house-cleaning exercises.”

A few useful steps for cleaning after lice treatment, by CDC:

Dry clothing, bed materials, and different things that the affected individual used about 2 days before treatment, should be soaked in hot water (130°F) Garments and things that are not launderable can be dry– cleaned or stored in a plastic bags for about fourteen days Soak brushes and combs in high temp water (approx 130°F) for 5– 10 minutes CDC suggests vacuuming the floor where the individual with lice has been

Lice-Nil is an all natural effective lice treatment oil. It destroys lice and nits after 20 minutes of application. Yes, you are saved from the major cleaning process. However, we recommend you to do it as a precautionary measure. You can check how Lice-Nil works here.

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally?

Natural Ingredients, primarily Neem oil, are more effective head treatments than short-lived chemical lice treatments. Read How to get rid of lice and nits now.

Since you are a rational person, you would possibly already know that natural remedies measure higher and continually recommended and preferred over chemical remedies. Same is the case with fighting lice infestation. Natural treatments work higher and absolute that win over the modern chemical ones.

How Chemical Lice Treatment Works?

Typical chemical treatments work by entering into the louse (singular for lice) nervous system. A known fact that this does not have any effect on louse egg, as a result of they haven’t developed nervous systems yet. This then ends up in a half-cured lice eradication method. The nits are still not removed from hair. Also, chemical treatments have virtually no result on Super lice, because they have developed resistance to even the harshest of chemical treatments used for head lice treatment. The lice eggs then hatch to produce more lice and the cycle continues. The only way to get rid of nits is harsh n painful combing to remove nits stuck in hair. This doesn’t do the job well.

Lice-Nil - get rid of lice naturally

How Neem Oil Lice treatment Works?

Neem oil which is an extract which is oil pressed from seeds and fruits of Azadirachta indica tree. This powerful lice remedy is safe and 100% natural. It works by encapsulating and suffocating lice and even penetrates the aeropyles (tiny openings) at the top of lice eggs. This blocks the oxygen (O2) flow and forms Carbon dioxide (CO2) gas thwarts the expansion of the nits. This ends up in an entire lice life-cycle elimination. Thus, this is a great measure. This is how you can eliminate lice and nits.

Few Good to know facts of Neem Oil treatment:

Neem oil contains insecticidal ingredients stop the reproduction and further growth of head lice
Neem oil works wonders in ceasing swallowing systems of lice
Neem oil isn’t harsh on the skin and causes less irritation and skin sensation
Along with handling head lice, it helps to feature shine to your hair and moisturises your scalp

Lice-Nil : A Perfect Head Lice Remedy

Lice-Nil consists of neem extract and is an oil-based treatment. Lice-Nil once applied to the lice-infested hair, can encapsulate and suffocate each lice and eggs. The application time is as small as 20 minutes.
We would like to conclude that neem extract in Lice-Nil works effectively and naturally. Compared to common chemical lice remedies, Lice-Nil targets lice and their eggs to eliminate them and stop recurrences.

Effective Head Lice Treatment with ‘Who’ & ‘How’ of Head Lice Explained!

Here we discuss about the prevalence of head lice, who gets it and natural, effective Head Lice Treatment to avoid it. Read more Now.

Your kid getting head lice or hearing one of your child’s classmates has it, isn’t pleasant. There are parents from accross the globe worried to know and attempting to decipher:

  • The prevalence of head lice
  • Head Lice treatment
  • Way to avoid it

We have tried to produce answers to a number of these queries.

who gets lice and how- treatment explained

Who gets head lice?

To start with, you should know regarding lice is that they exist in each and every country, across all age groups and each strata of the society. There’s this a strong misconception of deeming someone to not being hygienically good to have head lice. We tend to get mistaken there. Anyone will get lice regardless of however sparkling clean or dirty they are. Finally, lice don’t prey on dirt, they prey on blood and live getting ready to the human scalp.

Girls or ladies are regarded notably infestation-prone thanks to hair length, which is long. However, some studies show that hair length has less impact on whether or not people have lice or not.
In western countries, there’s a rise in variety of head lice cases among kids after teh holiday season, probably as a result of contact with kids outside of the standard circle. Also, after they have travelled in vacation with thier families and spread head lice in school, become victims, due to contacts with head lice children.

How you get head lice?

The most common mode of transfer, of head lice, is head to head contact with already infected person. Going by this, children are at lost of risk of obtaining head lice as a result of head-to-head contact is common throughout play in school, reception or elsewhere.

Although uncommon, head lice may also spread through shared garments or belongings. This happens once lice travel, or nits connected shed hair hatch.
Dogs, cats or different pets play no role in spreading of head lice.

There is no existing and quick rule on ‘WHO‘ gets head lice and in which way. Anybody will catch head lice once it comes contact with infected person. There is no clear clue of how did it first begin at 1st place. For those that became a victim of head lice, here’s a bit one thing for you.

Best head lice removal treatment

Humans have an inclination to use chemical merchandise hurriedly. At first, it will surely work for them. We, however, powerfully advocate against it as a result of rather than treating your infection, you can your health triggering many unwanted side-effects. On the other hand, we propose a totally natural product for effective head lice treatment.

Lice-Nil, an easy, fast, lasting and all-natural lice eliminator oil is 100% effective against irritating very little creatures. Apply Lice-Nil in your hair for twenty minutes and wash it off with warm water.
With this, end you relationship with head lice.

Absenteeism in Schools due to Head Lice and Effective Ways to Stop Them!

Let Us Discuss one of the best and worry-free measure for head lice treatment. To avoid absenteeism of kids in school due to lice, Read here.

Research says that every year around twelve million children miss schools on account of lice. The National Pediculosis Association (NPA), a group in Newton, Massachusetts recommends school to send parents of children letter like one specimen below if any of the child suffers or shows sign of lice infestation:

A case of head lice has been reported in your child’s group. Head lice continue to be one of the most prevalent communicable childhood diseases among children, and outbreaks are possible whenever and wherever children gather. Screen your child regularly and notify us immediately if head lice or their nits are detected. Working together helps protect all of children from lice infestation . Also, you can take best lice treatments for your own kid. Thank you for your co-operation.

absentism in school causes

However, simply by staying at home eliminate the lice or lead to head lice treatment. On the other hand, a student is losing his/her school days. Missing school can have a turnaround effect. It sets children up to fall behind within regular, elementary studies. Further, they have to cope up with additional difficult work of completing the missed studies and being in pace with the new one.

Common Signs of head lice in Children :

  • Tickling sensation of one thing is moving on head, in hair or on scalp
  • Sores develop from scratching itches
  • Constant irritation
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Bumps on head, shoulders, neck
  • The looks of white lice eggs or small pearly objects in hair

Head Lice Scenario in U.S.

One of the commonly known facts in US is head lice are second biggest nuisance causing absenteeism of children in school after common cold and flu. Head lice is a common nuisance in US cities, so there are many chemical infused oils and shampoos available online and in local markets. No doubt they do their job well, but also our kids are prone to side-effects caused due to usage of those. TO make things worse, lice have developed resistance to harmful chemicals that form an integral part of most ingredients in common unlisted lice remedies.

Effective measures to get rid of head lice for your kid :

Now, you found out that your kid has lice infestation? What are you going to do next? Use common chemical infused treatments or look for natural options for head lice treatment?

Worry no more as there is an all natural products that will not only kill lice but also eliminate lice eggs. A perfect blend of powerful natural ingredients of neem, Coconut, and Tea-tree oils is terribly effective against lice and nits. The product is chemical-free and has a profound effect than any other chemical lice product. Lice-Nil oil is most trusted lice eliminator oil. Only 20 minutes application will kill lice and desroy nits. From common lice to super lice, Lice-Nil effectively eliminates each louse and nit, in exactly one treatment.

So you’ve got an exquisite choice and a kind of natural hindrance for head lice. Use LiceNil and say ‘NO’ to unplanned school holidays, due to head lice.

Which are the Most Effective Natural Ingredients for Head Lice Treatment?

Neem Oil, Coconut Oil and Tea-Tree Oils are few Natural ingredients that are effective for head lice treatment. Read More Here.

Head Lice are the most unwelcomed and unwanted visitors in our home. They don’t bring anything yet a lot of pressure and distress. Anybody might want to probably keep an invasion by them in their hair. Individuals utilized characteristic and standard remedies for the treatment of lice before the cutting edge items were presented. The natural remedies for head lice treatment are the best til date.

Chemical Head Lice Treatment :

The items in the market contain synthetic and chemical substances. These demonstrate successful results at first, however, later they turn to have many side-effects harmful to humans. Due to this, majority of people quit the utilization of them. They again come back to normal items which are beneficial and donot pose any harm than the mistaken superior latest alternative.

Head Lice treatment

Here are few Natural ingredients that are effective for head lice treatment:

1) Neem Oil Lice Treatment :

Azadirachta indica, commonly known as neem, nimtree or Indian lilac is of prime importance when it comes to get rid of head lice naturally. It contains insecticidal properties that stops the multiplication and development of head lice. Neem controls lice from eating anything due to which head lice cannot srurvive and eventually dies.

2) Coconut Oil Lice Treatment:

Coconut oil has high-fat content and greasy nature. This makes lice to stick to hair follicles difficult. Thus, most of support for lice is gone. It additionally contains antibacterial quality, which repaairs the damage done by lice on scalp skin. Coconut oil is very thick when connected to the hair and scalp, which chokes out the lice, viably executing them and averting them to spread any further.

3) Tea-tree Oil Lice Treatment :

Tree-tea oil is a standout amongst the best and ordinarily accepted remedy to get rid of head lice. This oil contains a lot of germicidal properties that can adequately kill diverse kinds of microbes, stop their growth and infections, and protozoans. Because of its dense medicinal properties, it slaughters grown-up lice as well as deals with the eggs that have stay cliging onto human hair

Licenil is one such medical preparation that kills lice in just 20 minutes of its application. It is a quick, natural lice treatment which gives enduring results . Neem oil, coconut oil, and tea-tree oils are perfectly blended in required proportions, that crush lice issues totally. The product being made of natural ingredients, is chemical- free and keeps one away from side-effects.

Lice Media Stories

LiceNil-BlogPost-Photo1 (1)

From selfies to hairstyles, lice show up in the media in interesting places. In the lice media stories below, find education, insight, and maybe reassurance that lice are nothing to be embarrassed about.

“When your head touches someone else’s for a selfie, lice can crawl into your hair from their head, using their nasty little claws to grab onto your hair strands, says Claire Roberts, CEO of the Lice Clinics of America.” Read full article

“For children with longer hair, it’s important to tie their hair back in braids, a bun, or a ponytail to make it harder for the pests to grab on to the strands and make their way to the scalp.”Read full article

“Lice — and other insects — are increasingly becoming resistant to pyrethroids, the active ingredients in most OTC concoctions, according to Kyong Yoon, an assistant professor at Southern Illinois University—Edwardsvillle.” Read full article

Tips for the Back-to-School Lice Cycle

LiceNil-BlogPost-Photo2 (1)

Back-to-School season is here. While children might be nervous about new teachers, classes, and classmates, parents might be nervous about something else: Lice.

Here’s a few resources to help you get educated on back-to-school lice season and what to do if your child comes home with lice:

“Fall and winter are prime seasons not only for the flu bug, but for another bug as well—the head louse.”Read full article

“Lice aren’t itchy until sensitivity sets in — usually 4-6 weeks after the first time a person has head lice.”Read full article

“The diagnosis is actually made by visualization of live lice. These bugs look like sesame seeds and can be reddish or brown in color.”Read full article

The Lice-Nil Difference

Lice have been around since humans have been around, and we’ve been fighting them for just as long. Special combs and natron water were used as treatments in ancient times, and it’s believed that the Egyptians even shaved their heads and wore wigs just to avoid lice. In more modern times, home remedies have ranged from mayonnaise to gasoline (yikes!). Many of the common chemical treatments we see today were developed during World War II.

The danger of chemical treatments

In the United States, many of our lice treatments are chemical. But chemical treatments can have many harmful side effects, including seizures, cancer, and behavioral changes. The FDA issued a Public Health Advisory against using chemical lice treatments that contain the ingredient lindane. While many treatments now exclude lindane, some still contain it, and many contain other harmful chemicals such as synthetic pyrethrin. According to the National Pediculosis Association’s registry, children who have been treated repeatedly for head lice with chemical treatments could be at a higher risk for health problems if exposed to additional chemical lice treatments.

Beyond the side effects of chemical treatments, there is another issue to consider: Super lice. Many strains of lice have become resistant to chemical treatments, making them what’s called “super lice,” rendering them useless in the fight against lice.

An all-natural solution

Lice-Nil is an all-natural solution. Only three ingredients are used: neem oil, coconut oil, and tea-tree oils. Neem oil is vegetable oil extracted from the seeds and fruits of India’s Azadirachta indica (or neem) tree. It has been used for hundreds of years to control pests and diseases. It encapsulates and suffocates both lice and eggs.

Because it is an oil rather than a watery substance, it is easier to spread evenly throughout the hair and it envelopes the lice and eggs more fully. In just one treatment, your lice problem will be gone–as long as you properly treat your household items (more on that later.)

To learn more about neem oil and our natural solution, you can visit our Compare and How it Works pages.